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Dental Exam: What to Expect on a Routine Dental Checkup? | Seattle, Shoreline & Milton, WA

During your Routine Dental Checkup (dental exam), your dentist or hygienist will:

  • Evaluate your oral hygiene as well as your overall health
  • Check whether you are at a risk of tooth/root decay, or gum/bone disease
  • Assess whether you need tooth replacement or tooth restoration
  • Examine your jaw and bite to identify any problem
  • Clear off any stains on your teeth
  • Show you proper cleaning steps for your teeth or dentures
  • Determine whether you need fluoride
  • Ask for dental X-rays or other necessary diagnostic procedures

A routine dental checkup is essential for maintaining your dental as well as overall health as your dentist is the right person to notice early signs of dental problems, gum disease, or oral cancer and they can take proper measures to prevent these problems. Many people visit their dentist once or twice a year. However, your dentist may recommend how often you should visit depending on the severity of your dental problems.

As your oral health affects your overall health, it’s essential to let your dentist know about your problems or concerns which can be:

  • Any new health issues since your last dental visit.
  • Medications or supplements you are taking, including the dosage.
  • Dental anxiety.
  • Any changes you noticed with your mouth, teeth, or gums.

Once your dental exam is done, your dentist will advise you the treatments needed to prevent or treat the dental problems. Sometimes they may schedule another dental appointment to treat the problem or they may suggest some steps you can follow at home for a better oral health. Read more..

Did you visit your dentist recently? It’s time to schedule your routine dental checkup with Reign Dental located in Shoreline and Milton, WA.

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