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A habit is a routine or behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

Habits are the most frequent cause of malformations mostly seen in early childhood and mixed dentition stages


A few common oral habits are

Mouth Breathing- If your child regularly sleeps with their mouth open then they are breathing from their mouth. It looks harmless but mouth breathing has its own implications. Over time mouth breathing leads to abnormal facial growth and development. Chronic mouth breathing in kids can cause an elongated face, misalignment or crowding of teeth, tooth decay, gum diseases, throat infections, etc. Mouth breathing also causes bad breath, dry mouth and enlarged tonsils

Thumb sucking- It is a reflex action in babies in the first few months. Once swallowing is established it disappears around 4 months .IF CONTINUED Children may exhibit protrusive front teeth, open bite, etc

Tongue Thrusting- Tongue thrust appears when the tongue presses too forward in the mouth resulting in an open bite. It is normal in  babies who are bottle fed. As the child grows the swallowing and speaking habit evolves. However in some children tongue thrusting is prolonged. Dental problems such as overbite, protrusive upper teeth, hampered speech development arise

Bruxism- Bruxism happens during deep sleep phases or when kids are under stress but usually kids outgrow it. Bruxism causes wear of enamel, sensitivity of teeth, jaw pain, headache and also diminishes sleep quality etc

Lip Biting- Many children occasionally bite their lip but if they are not stopped, lip biting becomes a habit. Physical causes of lip biting include teeth alignment, overbite and underbite and are seen in children with lip biting. Few children who feel anxious also bite their lip which leads to swelling and bruised.


It is always advisable to check bad oral habits in time to avoid further dental problems.

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