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Are Stem Cells the Natural Tooth Replacement?

Usually, if you need to replace a lost tooth, you have two options: dentures or a dental implant. A dental implant is ideal for replacing a single missing tooth whereby a small titanium rod is inserted where the tooth root was initially. And a crown is placed on top of the titanium rod to look like your natural tooth. Dentures are ideal if you have lost more than one tooth. You can either get full dentures or partial dentures depending on your situation.

The most recent technology advancement may offer another tooth replacement option when it becomes fully proven. Scientists have been researching on a process of re-growing lost natural teeth using stem cell regeneration. Read on to learn more about stem cells regeneration as a natural tooth replacement option.

Dental Stem Cells

Our bodies contain various types of cells. We are not well-found with all the various type of cells that are essential in our body from our birth. Stem cells are what make us grow all the diverse systems and organs that complete us. They are special cells that have the ability to change to each cell in the body. Stem cells are located in most parts of our body, and they assist in creating and replenish our bodies. Usually, they are found deep inside the tissues, in those places that are hard to difficult to find. Often, they are scant and concealed in the midst of other cells that appear similar.

Researchers have discovered that teeth as well contain stem cells which can be found in primary teeth and permanent teeth too. These stem cells have the capability of re-growing and replicating themselves.

Dental stem cells can be applied in the various sectors in medical science because they are compatible with the immune system. However, the issue with planting stem cells is that the body’s immune system response may react and discard them. Other than having prospective roles in other health procedures, the obvious use is to replace lost teeth. Research studies from the scientists are starting to display significant trails to implantation of teeth using stem cells.

Advantages of Dental Stem Cells

  • Accessible

Stem cells are contained within the teeth. Therefore, a dentist can recover them when he/she plans for a dental procedure.

  • Convenience

Retrieving stem cells from a healthy tooth during an extraction procedure can be done in the dental office at any time when a healthy tooth is being extracted.

  • Affordable

When this method is compared to the other techniques of obtaining and conserving life-saving stem cells, recovering stem cells from teeth is the least invasive and affordable.

Bottom Line

The fact is that our teeth have stem cells. And instead of disposing of a tooth after it has been extracted, it can be wise to retrieve the stem cells for a future so that they can be used in replenishing a tooth. While most people are opting to cryopreserve their cells, it can become customary to preserve the stem cells in our teeth. Wisdom teeth and primary teeth are the most suitable candidates at the moment, and mostly they are the ones we lose. Contact or schedule an appointment with our dentists at Carrum Downs Dental Clinic today to learn more about stem cells as a natural tooth replacement option.

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