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Yesli net trekh-chetyrekh zubov, s protezami, trebuyushchimi shei, ispol'zuyutsya protezy.

Yesli net trekh-chetyrekh zubov, s protezami, trebuyushchimi shei, ispol'zuyutsya protezy. Etot protez ochen' legkiy i udobnyy, yego dostatochno legko pozabotit'sya. http://denterum.ru/protezirovanie
Bugeli ne nuzhno udalyat' na noch', dostatochno regulyarno chistit' shchetkoy i pastoy i regulyarno obrabatyvat'sya spetsial'nym rastvorom. Nakoplennaya ataka udalyayetsya utrom i vecherom. Pravil'nyy ukhod za zubnymi protezami pomozhet prodlit' ikh zhizn'.
Vasha ulybka budet prosto velikolepna, yesli vy vyberete zubnyye protezy, kartina podtverzhdayet etot fakt. Yesli govorit' o tsene, to eto protez, konechno, boleye vysokiye tseny na proteznyye plastiny. No eto stoit - takiye neosporimyye preimushchestva, kak legkost' i kompaktnost', dolgiy srok sluzhby i bezopasnost', podtverzhdayut pravil'nost' vybora. Krome togo, etot spisok sleduyet dobavit' vpravo, dazhe raspredelit' nagruzku vo vremya zhevaniya, a takzhe estetiku proteza etogo tipa.
If there are no three to four teeth, with prostheses that require a neck, prostheses are used. This prosthesis is very light and comfortable, it is easy enough to take care of.
Burgers do not need to be removed at night, cleaned regularly with a brush and paste and regularly treated with a special solution. The accumulated attack is deleted in the morning and evening. Proper care of dentures will help prolong their life.
Your smile will be just gorgeous, if you choose dentures, the picture confirms this fact. If we talk about price, then this prosthesis, of course, higher prices for prosthetic plates. But it's worth it - such undeniable advantages as lightness and compactness, long life and safety, confirm the right choice. In addition, this list should be added to the right, even distribute the load during chewing, as well as the aesthetics of the prosthesis of this type.

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