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Victor Terranova, DMD, MS, PhD discusses Gingival Grafting using Alloderm and Stem Cells.



Gingival grafting has been a common periodontal  practice in dentistry   since the early to mid to 1970’s in the USA.  The method present method used today was foremost propagated by Dr Preston Miller, a pioneering periodontist  in Tennessee.


The gingival  grafts that Dr Miller used and is still using have been those of a sub-epithelial connective tissue graft. This is where a U- shaped incision is made in the patient’s pallette, the epithelial layer is then removed and the underlying connective tissue is excised for the purpose of the gingival graft


This has been a very effective technique that has been used for years. However recent developments in using skin graft connective tissue from tissue banks has paved the way for the use of an oral skin graft called Alloderm. This has provided an additional way to cover denuded root surfaces in the mouth and has provided an extremely effective alternative to the more conventional method of using grafted connective tissue from the patients pallette. Alloderm ( AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix)   is a freeze dried skin product, that is readily available and is extremely effective in reconstituting the gingival tissue. It is used for the following:


  • Covering exposed a denuded Roots

  • Gingival augmentation

  • Soft tissue ridge augmentation

  • Soft tissue augmentation around the dental implant area.

Alloderm is now widely used throughout the US due to the fact that it supports soft tissue regeneration. It also allows quick revascularization (  the restoration of the blood circulation of an organ or area)  and supports the migration of white blood cells and cell population allowing it to act as host tissue for a strong and natural repair.


The use of Alloderm has removed the need to remove the very complicated process of removing sub-epithelial connective tissue from the patients pallette, an often uncomfortable and painful process.


Stem cell technology has recently become available to the majority of Americans through the process of using the patient’s stem cells and reconstituting tissues within that patient’s body. We have the ability to take blood from the patient and using special technology separate out the patient’s  maximal platelets with 2 oz of their own blood.


When we  combine this with Alloderm, which is the freeze dried skin graft, the patients will then rec alloderm  which is not then and the Alloderm will be infused with their own platelets and stem cells, plateletes  are the cells that are necessary for healing and stem cells will accelerate the healing response because they will be applied alloderm and then placed surgically into the patient’s mouth.


We have used this procedure in the past with extremely successful results. There are a number of advantages to using freeze dried skin grafts like Alloderm and infusing it with the patient’s own platelets and stem cells.


These include : A faster healing process

                          More complete healing

                          Healing process has little or no post op discomfort for the patient.


If you have discussed skin grafts with your dentist and have been told that you need one or are interested in discussing skin grafts with an experienced periodontist and would like to discuss it in more detail with Dr. Victor Terranova then please call 718-626-1050. Consultations are free.

Implants and Periodontics P.C. is the specialized department of Steinway Family Dental Center. We perform gingival grafts as well as dental implants, periodontal reconstruction,multiple tooth dental implants, oral surgery and all types of periodontic treatments.


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