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Top tips for Dealing with Paediatric Dental Emergencies Effectively

Like all other aspects of paediatric health, paediatric dental health is dicey. It is easy to get it wrong and leave your child in danger of suffering as a result of aggravation of emergency situations. If the emergency situation occurred during work hours, a visit to the dentist would address any problems. During off-peak hours on the other hand, the onus lies on you as the parent to ensure your child gets adequately taken care of. This piece takes a look at top tips you can work with to effectively handle paediatric dental emergencies.

Handling Broken or Fractured Tooth

If you suspect that your child has chipped or broken tooth, rinse the mouth with warm water and use compress to counter swelling. Find the fragment and book an appointment with your dentist instantly.

Handling Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Rinse the child’s mouth with water and reduce swelling using cold compresses. “This is all you can do at this point because baby teeth cannot be replanted without risking damage to developing permanent teeth” says Dr. Neil Oza at Advanced Dental Concept. “Comfort the child and see your dentist immediately to properly handle the child’s discomfort and prevent infection”.

Handling Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

When face with the emergency of knocked out permanent tooth, the first step to take is to find the tooth, rinse it gently with cool water. Avoid using soap or scrubbing and do not touch the root of the tooth. Hold it by the crown only (the white part). Put the tooth back in the socket and hold it in place with clean wash cloth. Can’t put it back? Don’t panic. Place the tooth in a clean container bathed in milk or the child’s saliva. Do not put it in water. See your dentist as soon as possible after you’ve done this first part.

Dealing with Broken Jaw

Use a cold compress to reduce the swelling if you suspect that your child has sustained a broken jaw. Call your doctor immediately because a broken jaw could be as a result of a strong fall or blow to the head. Such strong blows to the head can be dangerous and ultimately life threatening.

Dealing with Object Stuck In Teeth

Does your child have something stuck between his or her teeth?  Dental floss is enough to gently remove it.  Do not use sharp tools in your child’s teeth; metal or plastic. If a dental floss isn’t enough to remove the object, allow a dentist to handle the situation.

How to Avoid Paediatric Dental Emergencies

The first step is to ensure your house is child-proof to avoid falls. Be watchful to ensure they don’t eat any hard foods or chew on ice. Older children should always use seat belts and young children should be placed in car seats. If your child plays contact sport, get bespoke mouth-guard from your dentist to protect the teeth. Don’t forget to check for injuries when they return after each session.

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