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Taking care of your teeth after a dental implant surgery.

Since dental implant gained its popularity, its reputation has been really positive over the years especially if done by a professional dentist. A dental implant surgery’s success requires the cooperation of both the dentist and the patient. Once the dentist has done his/her part of taking you through a successful surgery, it is now your, the patient, turn to see to it that the recovery process is also successful.

In order to have a successful recovery process, there are specific dos and don’ts. Dental implants are put in an attempt to have a long-lasting solution for teeth loss, gaps or crooked teeth. Mouth is an entry to all the other parts of the body and maintaining a proper oral health after the dental implant surgery has a great impact on the overall body health. Below are some of the most effective ways of taking care of your teeth after undergoing a dental implant surgery.

Always ensure that you brush and floss regularly.

One of the worst disasters that can happen is to allow food particles get in the root of the replaced tooth with no intention of getting it out soon as possible. Brushing at least two times a day ensures that there are no bacteria that get in the area thus barring it from breeding in your mouth. According to studies, there are over 1000 bacteria in the mouth and with the slightest chance, they get they will start breeding. In addition to frequent brushing, you should floss as many times as you brush. It should a part of your oral health maintenance routine.

Flossing is important as it ensures that al food particles that may not be reached by the toothbrush are removed. Just like brushing, flossing prevents the growth and breeding of bacteria. Also, flossing is a great and recommended way of ensuring that the slightest decay or any gum disease is easily detected. This ensures that there is a faster and successful healing process.

Ensure you regularly visit your dentist.

After the dental implant surgery your dentist will need to see the progress of the recovery. In addition to brushing and flossing regularly, it is important to go for professional cleaning as a dentist may reach some parts that you may be unable to reach. Normally, it is recommended that you should go for professional cleaning at least after every three months until you are healed. It is after these sessions that your dentist will be able to recommend the frequency of dental visits that best suits you.  This frequency varies from one individual to the other and it ensures that you do not contract any gum diseases.

By following these two tips, you can rest assured that you will have a smooth recovery time.

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