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The most common cause for bad breath is poor oral hygiene

Bacteria collect on your teeth and tongue are responsible for the unpleasant odour known as bad breath or halitosis

A common way for people to get rid of bad breath is to use mouthwash or chew on a mint.

The main cause for bad breath is bacteria which attack our oral cavity due to many reasons, poor oral hygiene being the main reason.

Causes for bad breath

Poor oral hygiene – Irregular and untimely brushing results in accumulation of food particles and subsequent tartar build up leading to bad breath

Food- Eating certain foods such as onions and garlic can cause bad breath. As these foods are digested and enter our blood stream, it is carried to our lungs and affects our breath.

Dry mouth-  Xerostomia or dry mouth causes dry mouth because production of saliva is decreased. This is usually experienced in the morning as “morning breath”.

Tobacco- Tobacco consumed in any form is harmful .Smoking causes stains and gives you bad breath. Tobacco users are most likely to suffer from gum diseases. Tobacco diminishes sense of taste and smell and hence the users aren’t usually aware of how their breath smells.

Medication / Medical conditions- Certain medicines tend to give you bad breath. Your bad breath could be a result of a sinus , gastric reflux , diabetes , etc

Cavities / Gum diseases - Presence of cavities or any gum diseases alters the bacteria in the mouth causing bad breath.

Alcohol- Alcoholics tend to have bad breath as alcohol damages the digestive system and causes reflux.

Ways to prevent bad breath

  1. Brush twice and floss daily
  2. Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Rinse your mouth with a mouthwash to clear off food debris
  5. Chew on sugar free gum to stimulate flow of saliva and to prevent dry mouth
  6. Eat healthy food
  7. Visit your dentist twice a year


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