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How Important Online Reviews Are To Your Dental Practice?

As a dentist office owner you're the reputation matters. As much as some people like to think a good reputation isn’t something you can buy. Sure, you can toss money at an advertising agency in hopes they’ll frame you in the best possible light. Online reviewers can do more to define your reputation than any dental marketing strategy. If you ignore your online presence you can lose

Maintaining a website and courting online reviews are two fundamentals of developing an online reputation for your dental office. Both are important—they can make or break you or your business. Businesses without websites makes it really difficult for potential new clients to find you. Thirty-four percent of consumers probably won’t consider using your business if you don’t have a website.

Online reviews are the backbone of your dental practice reputation online. More than half of people said they won’t use a business if it has negative online reviews. Don’t pretend that only a minority of potential customers read reviews. These days, almost everyone checks reviews before deciding whether or not to use a business. In fact, seventy-five percent of people think it’s necessary to read reviews before committing on which business to use.

Creating an online presence and maintaining a positive presence could elevate your business above your competitors. If you don’t take these statistics seriously, on the other hand, it could inflict untold damage on your business and your future.

Source: https://broadly.com/blog/online-reviews-dentists

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