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Here’s How You Can Effectively Treat A Fractured Tooth

Got a chipped or broken tooth? Losing a part of your tooth is caused by eating something hard such as chocolate or ice, gradual wear from teeth grinding, acids from beverages such as soda or coffee, falls, hits to the face, and believe it or not, silver amalgam filings that were previously applied to the tooth. When this happens though, do not worry.

You may be chewing on nuts while not realizing a part of your tooth is missing until you finish eating. In most cases, the rest of your tooth will not hurt due to the tooth not having any living cells, but it can still hurt if a large enough part of the tooth breaks off because of a damaged nerve inside of the gums, and may cause swelling. Your tooth can also hurt if you drink something hot or cold due to the temperature that changes inside of it.

Even if it doesn’t hurt, it’s still not a matter that should be avoided. There are still concerns for your tooth if you don’t have access to emergency dental services in Moreno, or anywhere else for that matter, right away.

You eventually will need professional care to fix your tooth; there are unfortunately no home remedies for permanent fixes to repair a broken tooth. Only a dentist has the knowledge, abilities, and resources to repair it. Before you go to the dentist for him to perform the procedure, here are ways you can work around the issue with your tooth so that it doesn’t bother you further.

If you are experiencing bleeding, it’s not coming from your tooth, but from the gum that it comes from. First be sure to floss around your teeth, and then treat the gum with tissue or gauze for 10 minutes. After the bleeding stops, rinse your mouth with clear water.

Press a cold pack or a Ziploc bag of ice to the area where your tooth is broken. In most cases, this will reduce the swelling and temporarily stop the hurting.

An over the counter supplement to relieve pain, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, will also relieve pain temporarily for a broken tooth.

An exposed jagged part of the remainder of your tooth can cut your tongue, in which case emergency dental services in Moreno are necessary. Drug stores have available what is called “dental cement” that you can use to cover the sharp edge of your tooth for the time being. Dental cement won’t fix your tooth permanently, and the dentist will remove the cement before starting to fix it. In the meantime, try to avoid contact with your tongue and your fractured tooth.

An alternative to dental cement is sugar free chewing gum. Chew this gum and cover it over the broken tooth so that your tongue is less likely to cut itself on the tooth’s fractured area.

Unfortunately, there is no way for the tooth’s surface, also called enamel, to restore itself and grow back. Your teeth do not have living cells necessary for its surface to heal, like how skin can heal.

Depending on the serious nature of the fracture, your dentist will apply one of several different treatments to your tooth: A filling, a veneer, or crown. These fixes, especially crowns, will be expensive procedures; so as long as you have dental insurance, do not worry financially.

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, or are afraid that you may get one someday, remember the advice from this article so that a concerning issue does not get worse.

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