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Everything you Would Want to Know about Throbbing Tooth Pain

Throbbing tooth pain is likely to set in for people who neglect recommended practices to maintain teeth hygiene. The toothache can be consistent or fitful in nature. The distracting pain can be excruciating and become more pronounced when you try to catch a sleep.

Common indications

Throbbing toothache may become articulated once the blood pressure to the sore region increases. This is more acute when you recline or adopt the sleeping posture. As the tooth pain increases in severity, you will experience a bout of fever, localized gum swelling around the affected area, headache, and noisome discharge from the affected tooth.

You should get in touch with a dentist if the pain continues beyond a day and the symptoms are aggravated. Most people complain about surfacing of intense pain while trying to open the mouth. Pain equivalent to that experienced in mumps also become apparent in the ear region. If immediate medical attention is not sought, the infection may spread to the skull and bloodstream.

What triggers the pain?

Throbbing pain may result from tooth abscess, damaged filling, periodontal diseases, tooth decay or fracture, and teeth motion of repetitive nature like chewing, grinding etc. The tooth may become highly sensitive if the enamel or dentin gradually declines. Enamel represents the tough outer covering of the tooth crown whereas the tissue underneath the enamel is the dentin.

Pulpitis may also induce agonizing dental pain. In this condition, the dental pulp sitting inside the pulp cavity in the middle portion of the teeth suffers inflammation. Pulp refers to the tender connective tissue permeated with nerves and blood vessels. Pain intensifies when the nerves are affected by the decay in the tooth.

Throbbing main may become evident due to other dental complications such as wisdom teeth development, cracked tooth syndrome, gum infections, temporomandibular and bruxism.

Treating the pain

Pain induced by tooth cavity can be addressed through filling or extraction of damaged teeth. The pain and inflamed condition that has infected the neighboring teeth can be cured by cold laser treatment called phototherapy.

Root canal is another option that may be exercised by the dentist in case infection of the tooth nerve is detected. The infection in such cases is triggered by bacterial attack that has reached the tooth’s interiors.

Periodontal infections, earache or fever can be cured by consuming dentists recommended antibiotics. Painkillers, clove oil, paste concocted of lemon juice and asafetida, garlic and onion paste, herbal tea, or wheatgrass mouthwash are also effective in providing relief from Throbbing tooth pain.

Anti-inflammatory medications, like aspirin or ibuprofen, are effective in providing immediate relief as they relieve the pressure on nerve endings. You can also opt for benzocaine rich oral pain relieving gels. It is an effective local anesthetic that momentarily blocks nerve signals from the infected tooth.

Heat has the potential of acerbating the toothache and as such relief can be sought by holding an ice pack against the affected region’s outside cheek. You can soak a cotton ball in garlic / clove oil and apply it to the pain area. This offers more relief compared to chewing raw garlic or clove. A moistened tea bag can be placed against the affected region to get significant pain relief. However, you should exercise caution as prolonged contact with tea can result in teeth stains.

Throbbing tooth pain can be extremely agonizing. You should consult a doctor immediately once the symptoms surfaces.

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