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Dental Implants: The Choice of Seniors

Dental surgery or even a routine visit to a dentist usually gives jitters to most people. Thankfully, technology is advancing rapidly and so are the ways and means of treatment. Today, a visit to the dentist is nothing to dread anymore. You can visit the dentist, get your treatment and return home without feeling like you have been robbed off your sanity. Modern technological advancements and development have also given way to newer ways and methods to treat the problem. One upcoming and new addition is the advent and increasing use of dental implants by dentists these days.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants are basically anchors used by the dentists to any kind of dental prosthesis like the denture, bridge or crown that interface and bind to the bone or the jaw and provide support to the prosthesis. They are hard and do not cause any harm to the body in any manner. These implants are made of materials like titanium that are easy to be imbibed or in medical terms, “osseointegrate” into the bone structure. Once the dental implant is accepted and adjusted in the body, jaw or skull, then the dental prosthesis is placed on it.

Image Credit : aaid-implant.org

What are the uses of a dental implant and why should one use them?

Dental implants are an invasive treatment, but one that would provide you with a permanent solution to the dental issues without showing any marked variations on the outside. It would help you retain your natural smile and look of your gums and teeth.

  • Dental implants assimilate with the existing teeth and no one will know about tooth surgery or treatment
  • If there is excessive movement in the denture, lower one, this can be taken care off and addressed by the use of implants with ball and socket retention.
  • It can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth.

The next conclusive and obvious question is why should you use dental implants over already existing treatments, the answer is simple, it is better.

  • It heals faster and is a permanent treatment to many of your dental problems
  • If you have a whole denture replaced, you can start eating all kinds of food without having to worry about pressure on your denture or any kind of inklings in the mouth
  • Dental implants are as good as the natural teeth and retain all their abilities and functions
  • You do not need to feel embarrassed about having lost a tooth or multiple teeth, as no one will ever know or find out about the implants.
  • No need for restoration or repeated follow up visits to doctors
  • Limited, reduced or least damage to existing bone structure and jaw

Take the advice of your doctor

Just as these dental implants are effective they could be a cost evaluation option for many of you. So, visit our dentist and make an informed decision in consultation with your dentist. There could be a chance that dental implants would not work for you in case there are certain complexities. While dental implants are the way of treatment in coming future, it is important to consult your doctor before you proceed with them. Your dentist is the best person to guide you in the right direction of treatment.

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