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Dental Implants: A Savior for Senior Citizens

There is no denying the reality that taking care of teeth is not restricted to any age. Just like toddlers and growing teens, elderly women and men also need to take care of their teeth. With age, dental health deterioration takes place and it is natural as part of the aging. While it cannot be stopped, it does not mean tooth loss is inevitable in the elderly either. The age old concept of tooth extraction for solving dental problems prompts many senior citizens to opt for partial or full dentures.

While dentures are deemed convenient by a majority of elderly people, ill-fitting dentures can be a problem. It makes everyday tasks like eating, speaking and even smiling cumbersome in some instances. Fortunately, there is a better solution. Dental implants, invented by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon and scientist, Dr. P.I. Bran mark, have shown a new light of hope for the elderly suffering from various teeth-related issues.

  • Nuances Of Dental Implants
  • When To Opt For Dental Implants
  • Types Of Dental Implants
  • Cost Of Dental Implants
  • Safety Factor Of Dental Implants

As a matter of fact, dental implants are basically titanium rods placed inside the jawbone. These small implants serve the purpose of human teeth roots. After the implant is performed, they get connected to jawbones within a few months. Then either dental crowns or permanent bridgework can be put on implants.

Dental implants can be particularly useful for securing loosened dentures. Elderly people often find their old dentures do not fit the gums well after prolonged usage. This is where implants come into the picture. Magnet-based attachments make implants all the more patient friendly. They need minimum maintenance and bind denture and implant well.

When to opt for dental implants

There are some situations when you can opt for dental implants:

  • If you find dentures to be uncomfortable and convenient, opt for implants
  • Dental implants may be used to replace the entire row of teeth on either jaw
  • In some instances, doctors may advise using implants for a single tooth replacement. Dentistry has advanced to a stage where artificially installed crowns become hard for others to detect

Types of dental implants

Broadly speaking, you can opt for any of the two kinds of dental implants.

  • Root-form implants: This is the most commonplace variant of dental implant. This is implanted on the bone directly. Available in varying heights and widths, Root-form implants resemble a screw.
  • Ramus-frame dental implants: This is what the dentist suggests when the person has a very thin lower jawbone. Fix an appointment with your dentist as your dental health and jawbone condition plays a major role behind the selection of implants.

Cost of dental implants

The cost of dental implants is higher than convention dental procedures. The treatment cost also depends on factors like your dental condition and the dentist you select. Veteran dentists usually offer clients a consultation session prior to the treatment and inform them about any associated cost or follow-up procedure. The price of a single tooth implant will definitely be lower than the cost required for implanting an entire row of teeth. If necessary, you can seek the opinion of more than one dentist on this.

Safety factor

In the last decade, popularity and use of dental implants has increased by leaps and bounds, as per the data available from entities like the American Dental Association. Same can be said about its success rate. The implant process is often computer monitored for accuracy and ruling out risk of errors.

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