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Common oral health problems in expectant mothers and how to curb them.

According to studies, it is estimated that out of the many pregnant women that experience oral disorders about 45% do not seek dental treatment. When women become pregnant, they undergo a lot of physiological changes in their body systems including the oral cavity. It is recommended that they should maintain good oral health which involves very special considerations. Maintaining proper oral health can assure of perfect overall body health. Below are some of the major oral problems faced by the pregnant women and ways that can be used to manage them.

Gum diseases; these are quite common amongst the pregnant women contributing to about 60-70% of the pregnant women. This condition is common due to a decrease in the immune response, fluctuations of estrogens and progesterone as well as changes in oral flora.

To curb this condition, it is recommended that to brush at least twice every day using fluoridated toothpaste. Also, you should floss daily and use a saline mouthwash. These help in easing the irritation.

Tooth mobility; this condition occurs due to the hormonal rush mineral changes in the periodontal ligament attachment. They affect the mobility of the teeth thus leading to the periodontal diseases.

To manage this situation, the correct dosage of Vitamin C should be administered along with the removal of local gingival irritants.

Tooth decay; this problem is very common with the pregnant women due to the changes in the acidic environment of the oral cavity. There is increased intake of sugary diets. Also, there is lots of vomiting involved thus enhancing the acidic environment in the mouth hence posing an increased risk of the teeth developing decays.

This problem can be contained by;

  • Limit the levels of sugar intakes.
  • Ensure that you brush regularly with toothpaste containing fluoride and use the mouthwash that contains fluoride so as to reduce the effect of acid due to vomiting.

There are drugs that stimulate the formation of dental caries such as methamphetamine and should be avoided.

Tooth erosion; this is considered to be greatly caused by pregnancy due to vomiting. Tooth erosion is a bit easy to control by use of a solution that contains sodium bicarbonate that reduces the effect of the acids thus preventing any damage that may occur.

Above are some of the major oral conditions that are quite common for the pregnant women. You should not wait till the situation worsens in order for you to go for a dental treatment.  You should see your dentist as soon as you detect an oral problem in order to know how well to take care of it as well as reduce the damage that may be caused.

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