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7 Unmissable Signs You Need Dental Implants

Dental implants can prove to be a reliable and permanent solution for people who have one or more missing and/or decayed teeth. Further, implants help improve the structure of the entire mouth.

The restorative dental implant procedure gives your mouth a natural look as implants feel and function like natural teeth.

Most people who wear dentures have to deal with related cumbersome concerns such as applying adhesives and also have to endure pain caused by broken or cracked teeth. If you’re in the same boat, then dental implants may provide you with relief.

Confused about whether or not you need dental implants? Read on for some surefire signs to look for.

1. You Have a Missing Tooth/Teeth

Typically, people with missing teeth tend to feel embarrassed about their problem. However, with dental care technology making way for implants, you can actually solve this problem permanently. If you’re in this situation, do consider getting dental implants.

An implant will not only fill the gap in your gums, but your new tooth/teeth will also look just like the rest of your natural teeth. So when you open your mouth or smile, your implant will not stand out. Say goodbye to gaps with high-quality dental implants!

2. Your Dentures and/or Bridge Are Loose

Lots of people with oral problems have to deal with loose dentures or partials. A loose bridge can bring on the same problems as a loose denture or partial can.

However, you need not put up with this problem anymore as you can now get dental implants.

If your fixtures or partials tend to come loose as the day progresses, you should definitely get dental implants. This way you can avoid feeling self-conscious or worry about your dentures falling out when you eat or talk.

Further, dentures need to be taken out regularly for cleaning and even call for the application of dental adhesives to stay in place. This can be highly inconvenient and messy to do on a daily basis. Dental implants are a more convenient option.

3. Your Tooth Has Become Infected

If your tooth is decaying or has become infected, your dental care practitioner may recommend multiple measures to save it. If it cannot be saved, he/she may suggest an extraction. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of losing a tooth, you may want to consider getting a dental implant.

Once the infected tooth is extracted, the implant will take its place. The best thing about it is that you will not need to take any special care of the implant. All you will need to do is brush and floss the implant the way you do with your natural teeth.

4. Your Face Looks Sunken

When people wear dentures, their face starts to look sunken, especially around the mouth and chin. This is because dentures do not support the jawbone, which means the growth of critical tissue is hindered. The jaw feels unsupported and the patient continues to lose bone as he/she grows older.

If your face looks sunken and you’re worried about your regressing jaw, you need to get dental implants. They will not only support your jaw when you move your mouth (when you eat or talk), but also improve your facial appearance.

5. You Have a Broken/Cracked Tooth

If you have a broken or a severely cracked tooth, you may not have too many options to get it corrected. Your dental care specialist may recommend that you get either a dental crown or dental implants.

While your dental practitioner will try to keep your natural tooth intact to the greatest extent possible, it is the degree of damage to your tooth that will ultimately determine how much of it can be extracted and replaced with an implant. With an implant, your tooth will have the long-lasting strength and resilience to last for several years in the future.

Make sure to see a local dental care practitioner as soon as you can to ask about dental implants. The last thing you want to do is spend hours travelling to and from the dental practitioner’s clinic with all the pain you may be enduring. So if, for example, you’re a resident of Plano, Texas, get in touch with a cosmetic dentist in Plano for consultation and treatment.

6. Chewing Food Is Difficult for You

The act of chewing cannot be performed without teeth. Anyone with missing teeth will tell you that it is extremely difficult and that they miss eating their favorite foods. Also, not chewing food properly will make it hard for your digestive system to do its work.

If you’re having trouble with something as simple as chewing your food, you’re definitely a candidate for dental implants. After getting them fixed, you will always be able to enjoy your favorite food and chew it properly before swallowing it.

7. You Feel Insecure Because of the Way Your Teeth Look

Having dentures or even a bridge can become a cause for embarrassment among some people, which may make them insecure about their smile. As a result, they stop smiling and develop an inferiority complex over time. This is not how one should feel. In fact, one should always feel proud of their smile. If you’re experiencing this, you need dental implants ASAP.

Once you get dental implants, your self-confidence will be renewed and you will no longer feel the need to hide your smile. You will feel at ease with yourself again!


Sometimes, removing a tooth/teeth is the only option available to dentists. At other times, teeth may fall on their own due to age or oral decay. Regardless of the reason, replacing them with dental implants can prove to be a sound and aesthetically pleasing solution. If you can relate to any of the above signs, visit your local dental care specialist today and discuss the possibility of getting implants as soon as possible.


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