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The ins and outs of wisdom tooth extraction

Learn more about the pros and cons of wisdom teeth removal.


Wisdom teeth are probably among the most misunderstood teeth ever. Should they stay? Should they go? Are they just a nuisance? The real answer is that there is not just a single answer to this particular question. In fact, there are many…


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Is Sedation Dentistry Risky?

Although very rare, many fear that complications related to sedation dentistry are reason enough to not consider this comfortable alternative to traditional dental procedures.

Is dental sedation…


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Dental Implants for Pets? Yep, it's a Thing!

A new form of pet dentistry is sweeping the veterinary industry.  Does your dog have several missing or broken teeth?  Does his tongue hang out of his mouth? Does your dog have trouble eating?  Well, if you knew you could improve your pet’s life by replacing his teeth with dental…


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Observe Your Dental Teeth Wear

Your teeth have many natural ridges that curve up and down. With age, these ridges naturally flatten and become less pronounced. If you see your teeth, you’ll be able to spot these ridges for yourself. However, not all tooth wear is natural. Passed a certain threshold, tooth wear can change from a natural process which occurs over a long period time, and instead become a common symptom of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, especially when this…


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Dental Financing: How to Pay for Dental Procedures When Your Insurance Won’t

Unlike home costs, cars, gas, postage stamps, and other things that have adjusted with inflation rates since the 1970s, your dental insurance hasn’t.  That annual amount of coverage has stayed consistently around $1,500 or thereabouts. Which begs the question…how do you afford treatments when they aren’t covered by your plan?…


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Ensuring Safety While Using Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth whitening kits are becoming a very popular dental care product among people that like to whiten their teeth. There are two ways to…


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Role of Digital Dental Marketing In The field of Dental Care

Dental marketing is of major importance because of one big reason above all else: awareness. Dental health is a vital element in our everyday life and we need to make sure that we have the best assistance from the professionals in the field. In that regard, a proper dental marketing campaign is…


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Dental Veneers Cost Guide Abroad


Your smile is one of your first offering focuses, our early introduction when you meet individuals whether at work or socially. Early introductions matter, thus it is reasonable that when the grin is warped, or when teeth are absent and harmed, we search for repair choices.

Before dental veneers,…


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ORALOGICA - The Natural Organic Personal Dental Care

Many people face great problems in their daily life if they do not get to take proper personal care. Due to this particular thing, their jobs and daily life routine might be affected. In order to avoid such problem,…


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When and Why Should You Visit The Dentist?

Dental health is often the most neglected aspects of our life. Teeth are probably the last thing we worry about and their worth gets manifested only when it hurts or looks really…


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Invisalign: The Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontists around the world use specially designed devices for corrective therapy of misaligned teeth of their patients. These customized appliances come in various shapes, sizes and names. Headgear, braces and invisalign are to name a few. These devices straighten the teeth giving them proper…


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Dental Veneer: The Smile Makeover Everyone is Talking About

If you have always dreamt of having the perfect smile, dental veneers by My La Mirada Dentist  offers you the chance to do so. The veneers are a long term treatment and they last a mighty long time if they are done by skilled…


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Why We Need Orthodontic Headgear for Dental Care ?


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Dentist Not Open Saturday? Here are Your Options

It seems like urgent or emergency dental situations always happen outside of traditional office hours. It might be 7p.m. Monday night, 10a.m. Saturday morning, or right after you clock out at the end of a long work week. When it does, you need care right away.

Unfortunately, the dentist you’ve been…


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How to Double Your Dental Practice Profits

Are you a skilled dentist who is sometimes challenged by the role of leader and/or business owner? It’s a powerful question. If you can answer it honestly, your answer will reveal a lot about your practice, your level of job…


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You Gotta Have Teeth! Types of Dentures to Choose From

If you think that losing a tooth will only impact how you chew your food, think again!


Your teeth have more functions than biting, tearing, crushing, and grinding your meals. Think about how you speak. Your tongue touches the back of your teeth, your lips shape around them, pulling air through your…


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5 reasons dentures may be right for you

Movies and TV shows make dentures look like a moose on the ice, slippery and unstable. Well, let dentures have a moment of your time and they might surprise you! Here are five reasons dentures could be a potential fit for you.…


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When people talk about oral hygiene and dental care, everyone thinks of brushing and flossing, toothpaste, toothbrush and professional teeth cleaning by the dentist  etc. In other words, people think of something boring but after reading this article you will change your idea and…


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How to Take Care of Baby Teeth

Even though baby teeth are primary and fall off after a couple of years, it is still important to take care of them. The whole process of teething in infants can be hard, not only for the babies but also for the parents. It goes without saying that neglecting to care for baby teeth will result in life long damages.…


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Dos and don'ts after a wisdom tooth extraction

So you’re about to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction. Congratulations! No more having to deal with the discomfort that comes with crooked, impacted, or decayed wisdom teeth! However, this isn’t like a regular dentist appointment, where you get treated and can immediately go back to doing whatever it is you…


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The ins and outs of wisdom tooth extraction

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