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Jerry Das
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I love to write about dental health. Currently, I am writing for India's biggest dental health portal "webdentist" you can get in touch with experts to find solutions of your all dental problems.
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Prescribed Methods By WebDentist For Toothaches

Web Dentists are those who come to know your teeth problems then provide suggestions and prescribe methods over internet. Many dentists and oral hygiene experts are associated with Webdentist. Patients can communicate via emails and also register to connect with doctors of their choices.

Cavities are the prime reason which develop bacteria and cause tooth ache. Tooth ache is also caused by tooth decay, tooth fracture, infected gums and…


Posted on May 8, 2014 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

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At 9:58am on April 29, 2014, Umesh Chauhan said…


I share my Peace, my harmony, my happiness to you and to all beings of this universe and all the universes.

May all beings drop their aversion and love each other and be peaceful and be happy.

May you be Happy...be peaceful...be liberated from the impurities of mind by practicing purity of mind.

At 9:59am on April 28, 2014, Umesh Chauhan said…

Please read as without doctors and medicines and not with our doctors as been a typing mistake.

Thank you 

Be Happy

At 9:56am on April 28, 2014, Umesh Chauhan said…

Be Happy and Good Luck to You.

Keep up the good work of serving the patients with truthful and scrupulously honest information about oral care and most importantly, I should remind you that there should be a special page on preventive dentistry, In India before British came there were no dentists, because In India there was no need of any dentist, since there were minimum or no tooth decay, because of the healthy living style mostly cent percent vegetarian diet, and use of chewing sticks of various tree branches,in the morning because tooth brush was not needed in India,(now western science has invented plastic sticks for chewing, so the fibers of these plastic will clean the teeth of the sticky food and so on, but lacks the precious juices present in the natural trees branches which is of great medicinal value and also helps to secret more saliva while chewing it and thus this saliva when mixes with these natural plant juices results in repairing of damaged tooth enamel naturally and with our any cost and side effects)of the thickness of pencil, which helped and helps tooth decay and prevents gingivitis and so on too keep the oral health in a very good condition and thus no need of a dentist in the life time. The example I can give of my own grand mother who never went to dentist and never had any tooth extraction due to tooth decay or other wise and all here teeth were intact till her last breadth. This happens only in India who follows the rules of Ayurveda system of diet and living with wisdom for a healthy life mentally and physically.

My teeth are also intact till today as I was also and now chew the sticks of tree branches of Neem tree and Babul tree or some time Meshwak tree, In total there are 12 types of trees who's branches can be use to chew in the morning to clean the teeth and prevent gingivitis and many tooth problems can be avoided and cured free of charge, and thus In India there was no need of dentistry before British came, this is the fact and truth of Indian Science of healthy living with our doctors and medicines. I am the living example of it, I have not visited any doctor or taken any medicine since last more then 39 years of my 54 year of age today and only visited dentist to remove my wisdom tooth as it was coming at an angle, and that too I did not take any antibiotics or pain killers, before or after the extraction of my wisdom tooth.I was equanimous for few days of the natural pain which was not going to last forever.

May all be happy...be peaceful...be equanimous and be liberated from the habit of generating greed,aversion and ego and thus purify their mind and live a moral life full of joy and mental and physical health.

Be Cheerfull

Strive to be Happy.

At 11:43pm on April 25, 2014, Umesh Chauhan said…

Hi, Das,

There is no information about Dental Laboratory and Most Importantly about Certified Dental Mechanics of India on your site,Because Dentist in India is nothing without Dental Technicians, Most of the dentists do not know how to make a wax pattern of a crown and make a good temporary restoration, its a pity that the patients in India are not given any details of what the dentist is putting in their mouth.Every dentist should give a cash memo to the patient giving details of the materials they have used in their mouth for the treatment the have done.Dentist should become clean in their practice that is ethical and treat the patients with love and not like an animal that is being slaughtered. Please PARDON me for using hard words, but this is the fact that nearly 90 percent of the Dental Labs are run by unqualified dental Technicians.

Hope your site will provide education to the patients about dental technicians, because they are the ones working in back ground and is a very important team member of the dentist and patient.

May all be Happy... Be peaceful... Be liberated from the habit of generating craving, aversion and ego, and live a clean life,healthy(Physically and mentally) full of Joy and harmony protecting the natural resources and thus the Human species from destruction.

At 10:31pm on April 24, 2014, Umesh Chauhan said…

Be Happy


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