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I have a case with anterior disc dislocation with reduction in the left side and the right is normal this diagnosis as report by MRI radiograph , clinical early clicking with opening ,no limitation of openinig , no shift ,but there is a pain to thumb presure anterior to ear during movemnt in the left side . i make anterior repositioning splint to recapture the disc night time , and put a stabilizing stent during the rest of the day i ask if i correct , how i can make adjustment to the splint by refining occlusion with articulating paper or is there another method , thank for all doctors to replay

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You are correct, Anterior repositioning splint is indicated for part time use.

Also try to identify & correct Risk factor for the TMD like bruxism, trauma, stress, occlusion and other parafunctionl habit etc.

To help evaluate the health of the TMJ, a complete medical and dental history must be taken, including the recording of any trauma such as accidents, injuries or general anesthetics. Measurement of the dysfunctional muscle activity and abnormal jaw movements will be achieved using the latest in computerized diagnostic modalites including EMG.


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